It began in 1994 with the auto-moto show on Mašun …

In 1994 Ferrari Racing Club members organized the first motor sport show on Mašun. A year later, in 1995 the first hill-climb race on the only 5 kilometers long road section to Šembije was born. Although the notable international competitors has not been presented yet, the event was slowly becoming a well known spectacle.

The most important part of the organization of the race was Miro Gardelin. He probably could not imagine how important and succesful his race will become. The main reasons for the success were the enthusiastic organizers and euphoric spectators. The race track of the first race was only 4,3 km long.

The hill climb race, which held the name “Ferrari” from the beginning to the year 2009 has its sad part too. A tragic accident happened which caused one death and 21 injured spectators in year 1998. The race was immediately suspended.

Safety precautions and even more fast competitors raised the quality of the race very high. Thousands of spetators enjoyed watching various race cars, from the formula and prototype cars to the high powered touring cars and “historics”. In 2007 the race hosted the highest ranked championship in hill climb racing – the European Hill Climb Championship for the first time. Since then the race track is 5 kilometers long. Italian Simone Faggioli is the most successful driver of the race with six victories. Faggioli currently also holds the track record – 1:59,558.

Track record (5 km, triple chicane):

Overall: Simone Faggioli (ITA), Norma M20 FC – 1:59,558 (2017)

Touring cars: Dan Michl (CZE), Lotus Elise – 2:16,518 (2017)

Track record (5 km, double chicane):

Overall: Simone Faggioli (ITA), Norma M20 FC – 1:59,65 (2014)

Touring cars: Andreas Gabat (AUT), Ford Escort Cosworth – 2:14,68 (2014)


1995 – Stojan Pirjevec (SVN), BMW M3
1996 – Hermann Waldy (AUT), F2
1997 – Josef Krečmer (CZE), Lucchini
1998 – (race interrupted)
1999 – Walter Leitgeb (AUT), Reynard F3000
2000 – Franz Tschager (ITA), Osella PA20S
2001 - Franz Tschager (ITA), Osella PA20S
2002 – Lazslo Szasz (HUN), Reynard F3000
2003 – Lazslo Szasz (HUN), Reynard F3000
2004 - Ander Vilarino (ESP), Reynard F3000
2005 – Ander Vilarino (ESP), Reynard F3000
2006 – Lionel Regal (FRA), Reynard 01L
2007 – Lionel Regal (FRA), Reynard 01L
2008 – Lionel Regal (FRA), Reynard 01L
2009 – Simone Faggioli (ITA), Osella FA30
2010 – Jaroslav Krajči (SVK), Lola F3000
2011 – Simone Faggioli (ITA), Osella FA30
2012 – Miloš Beneš (CZE), Osella FA30
2013 – Miloš Beneš (CZE), Osella FA 30
2014 – Simone Faggioli (ITA), Norma M20 FC
2015 – Simone Faggioli (ITA), Norma M20 FC
2016 – Simone Faggioli (ITA), Osella FA30
2017 – Simone Faggioli (ITA), Norma M20 FC

Most wins:

Simone Faggioli (ITA) – 6
Lionel Regal (FRA) – 3
Miloš Beneš (CZE) – 2
Laszlo Szasz (HUN) – 2
Franz Tschager (ITA) – 2
Ander Vilarino (ESP) – 2

Wins by country:

Italy – 8
Czech Republic – 3
France – 3
Austria – 2
Hungary – 2
Spain – 2
Slovakia – 1
Slovenia – 1